Welcome to the Musical Theatre Department

The Musical Theatre department here at Ashton is the life and soul of the school. Students are given opportunities to learn different performance styles from around the world and learn the art of professional performance. Students will develop their social skills, team work, leadership, communication and confidence.

The department deliver a broad and balanced curriculum up to examination level as well as providing a wide range of extracurricular activities as part of the schools SCAMPS programme.

As part of the SCAMPS programme the Musical Theatre department offer:

In addition to this, the department hold three shows yearly; a musical production, Ashton’s got Talent and a Variety show.

Furthermore, there are termly trips to enhance the Musical Theatre curriculum such as visiting the Duke’s Theatre. These trips are thoroughly enjoyed allowing the learners to expand their minds and sample the wider world.

The pupils at Ashton also enjoy helping out in the local community by visiting nursing homes with the school choir at Christmas time and also take an active part in ‘STAR’ (Standing together against Racism), a mass choir charity event.

BMA Music tuition offer peripatetic instrumental lessons for individuals or pairs during school time. They currently offer lessons in piano, guitar, singing and drums. Please see any of the Musical Theatre teaching staff for details.

Year 7

Musical Theatre at KS3 is based around decades of Music. Year 7s study Music, Dance and Drama from 1920s to 1960s. Studies include Putting on the Ritz, Wizard of Oz, Anne Frank, Glenn Miller, The Beatles and Elvis.

Year 8

Year 8s study Music, Dance and Drama from 1970s to the present year. Studies include West Side Story, Blood Brothers, Mamma Mia, Fame and Michael Jackson. Students are taught keyboard skills, notation as well as a wide variety of genres including Blues, Jazz and Rock ’n’ Roll. Students also develop characterisation and key Drama skills through technique workshops. Finally students explore dance skills in Street, Bollywood and modern dance through collaborative sessions in preparation for assessment performances.


Level 1 / 2 First Award BTEC Performing Arts


Year 9

There are two pathways for the Performing Arts course, Acting and Dance. For year 9 you will choose one or the other depending on your chosen route.

In this unit students will:


In this unit students will:

Year 10

In this unit students will:

Year 11

In this unit students will:

Teaching Staff

Subject Leader of Musical Theatre                         Miss K. McClelland

Teacher of Musical Theatre                                     Mrs S. Barnes

Teacher of Musical Theatre                                     Mrs K. Howard