Welcome to the Art, Design and Technology Faculty

In Design and Technology students combine practical and technological skills with creative thinking to design and make products that meet human needs. They learn to use current technologies and consider the impact of future technological developments. They learn to think creatively and intervene to improve the quality of life, solving problems as individuals and members of a team.

They combine practical and intellectual skills with an understanding of aesthetic, technical, cultural, health, social, emotional, economic, industrial and environmental issues. Through Design and Technology, students develop confidence in using practical skills and become discriminating users of products. They apply their creative thinking and learn to innovate.

Teaching Staff
Mrs A Berry Smith Head of Faculty, Teacher of Textiles
Mrs S Bithell Second in Faculty, Teacher of Art and Design
Mr R Jones Second in Faculty, Teacher of Resistant Materials
Mrs S Baldwin Teacher of Food
Mrs L Singleton Teacher of Art and Design
Mr P Austin Teacher of Art and Design, Graphics Products