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The intention of the finance course is to support students in understanding the financial world around them. It is designed to help make sensible and well informed decisions and manage money effectively while understanding the wider consequences of those decisions. We want students to engage in the content taught during lessons but also relate it to their current and future lives.


Why learn Finance?

Studying finance helps to understand the financial world around us from different perspectives. It helps to understand why governments make the financial decisions that they do, the difficulties and decisions facing businesses and it helps to make informed financial decisions on a personal level. Finance can lead to many different careers including entrepreneur, banker, politician, accountant and financial advisor.


Year 10

During year 10, students will study the following topics:

Content and Skills

Financial planning and money management. Understanding financial service providers.
Understand risk factors. Know the difference between short, medium and long term planning.
Balancing personal budgets. Managing budgets.
The impact of external factors on budgets. Coping with unexpected spending needs and changes to the economy.
Understanding pay and pay calculations. The hidden costs of spending.
Understand borrowing products. The impact of borrowing on the economy.

Year 11

During year 11, students will study the following topics:

Content and Skills

Understand the skills needed for success in business. The characteristics of an entrepreneur.
How does a business manage its money. Understand the impact of individuals on a business.
Understand the impact of a business on individuals. Businesses and their impact on society.
The impact of individuals employment and consumer choices on society.



Finance Syllabus

Mr M. Ashworth

Head of Computing

Mrs G. Lewis

Teacher of Computing

Mr J. Murray

Teacher of Computing

Mr R. Latham

Teacher of Computing