When we got to Penwortham Girls we were seated separate from most of the other yr. 8’s from Ashton, them being myself, Selin, Logan, Reece, Patrick and Laura. We sat in pairs on different tables in order to communicate with children from other schools.

Our first activity was that we had to write approximately 20 questions on the inside of a giant question mark, these questions were directed at God or the Supreme being. Some of the questions could have included ideas on the Big Bang, His flaws in the world or even simple questions such as will I win the lottery this weekend.

Next, we were told to stand up and stay stood up if we had ever killed or hurt an animal and felt bad about it. Many people stood and were given the chance to share that memory with the rest of the group. Mr Barrow was also picked on to tell his story of the mouse and the toothbrush! Then using the same standing up idea, we were asked the question have you ever done something embarrassing in public, yet again people were given the opportunity to share that experience. The third and final question was have you ever done something when overcome by drunkenness. Many people had funny stories but possibly the best was the man who was sad and started crying when he dropped his kebab.

After the break we were asked what we did to reduce the idea of evil. We were given may other questions like this and were also given 6 post-it notes to write 6 answers to our favourite 6 questions. Then we played a short game which ended up with us finding an answer to what the worst evil may be. Many people said murder, stupidity, terrorism and others like genocide.

Then, we were told about Hanukah and the messiah and Hugo. They were captured and put in a concentration camp and Hugo managed to survive, however his Dad the messiah did not manage to last. His daughter later wrote the book, three minutes of hope. It was based on Hugo’s life and his time in the camp. We were later informed of the thought of nihilism, the idea created by Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, a German philosopher. This is the belief of nothing. We did a quick quiz to see stood out the crowd the most, not being a sheep but a shepherd. This was another idea that you stood not be part of a herd.

After that, we were told the story of a bishop in Maputo, Mozambique, who traded everyone’s guns for tools for gardening. With the guns that he received, he had to build a warehouse to store them in. He had an idea for the guns, he asked a few students if them could weld them into sculptures to show peace. They did this with all the guns, and we did too. We were given a picture of a gun or grenade to change into our own symbol of peace.

Our final task was to design and make a sculpture that showed things we had covered throughout the day. Lots of people make some amazing creations, me, Laura, Selin and Logan did praying hands with two fingers crossed, Patrick and Reece did the devil.

The day was overall really fun and I have taken a lot from this day out such as how peace can be made.

By Kate (8H)

RE Conference