Welcome to the Art and Design Faculty

KS3 – Students undertake 3 projects each year. Following the national curriculum for Art and Design.

KS4 – Students follow the AQA GCSE Art and Design Specification. They will complete 4 projects over 3 years. This year we have introduced GCSE Photography.

Year 7 and 8

In year 7 and 8, students are taught on the technology rotation. 

Art Year 7


Rotation 2

Rotation 3

ART/ TEXTILES Year 7 - Artists Junker Jane, Diane Slagle, Mister Finch. Animal drawings. Create 3D textile monsters based on characters linked to Year 7 reading book.

Art Year 8


Rotation 2

Rotation 3

ART/TEXTILES Year 8 - Artists Hundertwasser, Elaine Hughes, Freddy & Freya. Drawings of houses. Create a 3D textile house reading book.

Year 9

From year 9 students follow the GCSE art and Design Specification. From September to February students will work on developing skills. Project 1 ‘Fantastic and strange’ will begin and include a mock exam.

Year 10

In year 10 students will complete project 2 ‘Music and composition’ and project 3 ‘Disguise/ animals’ which will also include a mock exam.

Year 11

In year 11 students complete project 4 ‘fragments’ which will include a mock exam and from January the examination preparation time will begin. This will be completed with a 10 hour exam.

Art and Design