Welcome to the Geography Department

Geography at Ashton Community Science College allows students an insight into how other people live and promotes respect and tolerance for others of different religions and cultures around the world. Students develop a genuine interest in the world around them and use a range of topical issues and examples to illustrate their work.

World of work and lifelong learning

Studying Geography helps students to better understand the world’s people, places and environments from local to global scales. The skills and knowledge gained by studying Geography can be applied to almost any job or workplace.

Geography is a subject recognised by all employers and it equips students with the skills and understanding needed for an ever changing world.

Geographers can use their skills in the following jobs and career paths:

  • Policy and Government (town planners, housing officers, social services, local and central government)
  • The Physical Environment (coastal engineer, river engineer, meteorology, volcanologist)
  • Geographical Information Systems (defence analyst, cartographer, crime analyst, hydrologist)
  • Resource management (agriculture, industry, manufacturing)
  • Business (sustainability manager, sales associates, resource manager)
  • Society (police, teaching, prison service, fundraising officer)
  • Development and Global Issues (armed forces, working for charities)

Year 7

These are the areas that are covered in Year 7.

  • Earth’s History Fieldwork Project
  • The UK
  • Urbanisation
  • Africa
  • Glaciation and Russia

Year 8

These are the areas that are covered in Year 8.

  • Rivers
  • SE Asia and India     
  • Population
  • China
  • Coasts     
  • The Middle East

Year 9

These are the areas that are covered in Year 9.

  • River Landscapes
  • Tectonic Hazards     
  • Tropical Storms       
  • Extreme Weather   
  • Climate Change       
  • Coastal Landscapes

Year 10

These are the areas that are covered in Year 10.

  • Ecosystems
  • Tropical Rainforests 
  • Hot Deserts             
  • Urban Issues and Challenges   
  • The Changing Economic World
  • Fieldwork

Year 11

These are the areas that are covered in Year 11.

  • Issue Evaluation
  • The Challenge of Resource Management:
  • Geographical Skills  
  • Revision

Miss J. Williamson

Head of Department

Mr D. Evans

Teacher of Geography

Miss P. Woodhouse

Teacher of Geography

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