Welcome to the H&SC Department

Health & Social Care is a GCSE subject with a vocational focus. During the 3 year course, students study human development through the life stages and the factors that affect growth and development. They also conduct two research tasks which are written up in Controlled Assessment conditions. The assignments researched are:

Year 9

Year 9 students conduct research and write up their finding on 3 jobs roles, skills and the application of the care values base.

Year 10

Year 10 students conduct research into a client of their choice. They investigate the needs of their client followed by a study of services which meet the needs. The study involves an investigation of types of referral, barriers to access and how services work in partnership with one another.

Year 11

Year 11 students prepare for the examination element of the course by studying the stages of human development. They look at factors that affect growth and development; relationships; and sources of support available through the life stages.

Mr. A. Barrow

Teacher of Health and Social Care