Literacy - Vocab

We are committed to ensuring our students are provided with opportunities that will allow them to be successful, and having a broad and secure knowledge of vocabulary is one way we can support our students on their journey to success.

In order to comprehend text we need to know an estimated 95% of its vocabulary.

Vocabulary can be usefully divided into 3 tiers:

•    Tier 1 – high frequency in spoken language (table, slowly, write, horrible)

•    Tier 2 – high frequency in written texts (gregarious, beneficial, required, maintain)

•    Tier 3 – subject specific, academic language (osmosis, trigonometry, onomatopoeia)

Every week, during form time students focus on tier 2 words. They partake in a number of activities such as: exploring the etymology, looking at how words change meaning across different subjects and word roots. 

We recognise that to fully ensure these words are understood they need to revisited numerous times. Therefore, the words are also explicitly taught in lessons alongside other words which are crucial to understanding the subjects fully. 

Focus words for this academic year are:

Set 1 - analyse, available, contract, economy, establish, factor

Set 2 - acquiesce, equilibrium, acquit, equivalent, iniquity, quiet, requiem, requited, tranquil, ubiquitous

Set 3 - anti, de, dis, in, mis, pre, re, semi, sub, un

Set 4 - conclude, identify, interpret, participate, significant, source, vary

Set 5 - calculating, characteristics, distribute, evaluate, extract  

Set 6 - area, environment, function, principle, process, require

Set 8 - ambiguous, bias, crucial, minimise, revise

Each member of staff has a copy of Alex Quigley’s ‘Closing the Vocabulary Gap’ and this has been used alongside training on how to ensure vocabulary is an essential part of planning and teaching. 

Bedrock Learning

We are transforming Year 9 homework by using an online programme called Bedrock Learning. Year 9 will complete digital lessons that include fiction and non-fiction texts; they will also complete fun learning activities, games and quizzes to help develop an understanding of ambitious vocabulary. Parents, we recognise that you want to support your child in their reading and vocabulary growth but often are unsure of how to help. We will provide a login for you to access your child's account and support their development. There is also an app that you can download. 

If you would like more information please click here.


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