Welcome to the Computing Faculty (Computer Science)

The increasing use of technology in all aspects of society makes confident, creative and productive use of ICT an essential skill for life.  The goal of the Computing faculty is to develop a pupil's knowledge and understanding of the role in which computer science plays, in the digital world that we live in. This is achieved through a stimulating learning environment where pupils acquire a combination of both practical programming skills and a sound theoretical understanding of the subject.

Year 7

During Year 7, students will study the following:

  • E-safety
  • History of Computing
  • Under the hood of a computer
  • How the web works
  • Webpage creation from the ground up
  • Programming fundamentals

Year 8

During Year 8, students will study the following:

  • HCI Hand Held Device
  • Drawing and manipulating shapes
  • Networks
  • Computer Architecture
  • System Security
  • Ethical, Legal and Environmental Issues

Year 9

During Year 9, students begin their KS4 study and study the following:

  • Computer systems 
  • Systems Architecture
  • Memory
  • Storage 
  • Wired and wireless networks 
  • Network topologies
  • protocols and layers
  • System security

Year 10

During Year 10, students will study the following:

  • Computational thinking, algorithms and programming 
  • Algorithms 
  • Programming techniques 
  • Producing robust programs
  • Computational logic
  • Translators and facilities of languages
  • Data representation

Year 11

During Year 11, students will study the following:

  • Programming project 
  • Programming techniques 
  • Analysis 
  • Design
  • Development
  • Testing and evaluation and conclusions


OCR GCSE Computer Science

All pupils use ICT facilities in accordance with the schools computer use policy.

Mr J. Murray

Head of Computing

Mr M. Ashworth

Teacher of Computing

Mrs G. Lewis

Teacher of Computing


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