At Ashton, we are passionate about creating a culture of positive wellbeing and good mental health for all our students. We pride ourselves on having a strong Pastoral Team which is pro-active in identifying and assisting our students find the appropriate help if they are struggling.

We have a growing number of staff who have completed their Mental health First Aid course enabling them to offer immediate support to students who are struggling. These members of staff wear a green lanyard so are easily identifiable and are also on the safeguarding poster which the students can find in every classroom.

During PSHE lessons students will cover topics to help strengthen their mental health. Click here for further information.

We have a school counsellor who students can self-refer to. We also run several groups which tackle anger management and self-esteem.

There are many outside agencies students can refer to. Click here for further information.

We have recently started to work with Compass Bloom who work with students who are low in Mood or are suffering with mild anxiety. This agency also works with parents. As a parent you can contact them directly:

We also have 6 peer mentors in school who are available at break and lunchtime to for the younger students to talk to if they have any worries. These students are easily spotted as they have a high Vis vest on with Peer Mentor on the back.

The following video is useful to watch as it explains the need to have some coping strategies in life to cope with those times when we are feeling overwhelmed.

Students need to remember they will always be a part of the Ashton Family and can access the school website even when they have left.