Meet our Head Boy and Girl


Hello, my name is Theo May. I am Ashton’s new Head Boy. I applied for this role as I felt that I could make a great impact on our amazing school. I am excited to share my ideas with both the staff and students at Ashton and hope I can help to grow our school family into an outstanding one. For the past four years of my time at Ashton, I have felt that our school was one big, happy family. Like any family, disagreements occur, however, at the end of the day, everyone cares for one another and tries to make each other happy.  My year seven self would have never believed that I would apply, let alone receive, this honourable role within Ashton. As for improving our great school, I want to help make it easier for student’s voices to be heard. I hope to do this via Microsoft teams and form activities. I will strive to embody the PROUD ethos and help our school family over the next year.


Hello, my name is Natasha, and I am the newly appointed Head Girl. I applied for the position of head girl because I want to make a positive impact within our school, I am eager to contribute to our school continued growth and success in this role. Throughout my time at Ashton, I have had a wonderful experience, staff have always been welcoming and friendly and I have always felt safe here. When I started in Year 7, I would’ve never believed that I’d be capable of being where I am now but with the hard work, I put in through school I have achieved so much more than I thought I could. In the coming year I hope to represent school in a way that embodies all of the PROUD ethos. I will work to ensure students feel safe and welcome within the school walls and I will work closely with students to try close the gap between staff and students. I will endeavour to encourage students to get involved with all that is offered around school and will encourage all students to make the most of their years at school. I am honoured to be given the role and responsibilities of head girl and I will ensure I am working in a manner that makes all at Ashton proud.

We feel that being a student leader, at ACSC, is not only a fantastic opportunity to develop personal and employability skills but also allows our students to give something back to peers and bring about positive changes to our school life. We strive to ensure our students are as ready as possible for life after ACSC and we believe that applying for positions and job roles is an essential skill to have. This is why we now ensure all our students apply electronically via a regularly updated student vacancy page, which outlines both the job role and description. Students then receive personal feedback on their application from our careers adviser to ensure that their application can be improved in future.

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