Meet our Head Boy and Girl


Applying for Head Girl amidst the pandemic has been a whole new experience in itself!  From being interviewed online rather than face-to-face, to learning about the Student Leadership positions via a video chat. However, despite having to acclimate to all these changes it has been rather exciting and challenging in a positive sense.  We are all aware that the upcoming school year is going to be very different to previous years therefore, I would like to make this year as enjoyable and as cheerful as it possibly can be and to offer support for the other students. By taking up this role, I hope it can lead me closer to my aspirations for the future which includes attending one of the Russel Group universities and securing myself a successful career. Furthermore, I would also like to leave a mark as my family members, who came to this school in the past, have done.



Applying for Head Boy was something I knew I always wanted to do but doing so through a laptop screen was something I never envisioned. Despite an unknown, strange year ahead, I hope to set a good example for fellow pupils and welcome new students to our community as best I can because year 7 is worrisome enough without a global pandemic. I feel optimistic and excited about the year ahead and the challenges that as a school we may face. From the roles and responsibilities that I will take up as head boy, I hope to acquire new skills and develop ones that I already possess. Furthermore, I aspire to make Ashton as good a place as possible for both teachers and pupils and be able to leave with the knowledge that I did all I could and more.




We feel that being a student leader, at ACSC, is not only a fantastic opportunity to develop personal and employability skills but also allows our students to give something back to peers and bring about positive changes to our school life. We strive to ensure our students are as ready as possible for life after ACSC and we believe that applying for positions and job roles is an essential skill to have. This is why we now ensure all our students apply electronically via a regularly updated student vacancy page, which outlines both the job role and description. Students then receive personal feedback on their application from our careers adviser to ensure that their application can be improved in future.

To view our student leadership vacancies and job descriptions, please click the link below.

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