Meet our Head Students


My name is Grace, and I am this year's newly appointed Head Girl. I applied for head girl because I believe I can make a positive impact to the pupils, staff and school.

Throughout my years at Ashton, I have overcome many obstacles, one of which my confidence as a person. This has all happened because of the support I have had from the staff and students within the school.

When I began my journey at Ashton, I never thought I would be able to achieve all the things I have over the past four years, this has been largely due to the support I have received from the Ashton community. I will always be grateful for this. Over the course of the next year, I hope to represent the Ashton proud ethos in all the work I complete and everything I achieve. I can only hope to instil this ethos in other students across the Ashton community in a positive and meaningful way.

As head girl, I hope to portray to my fellow students that I am an approachable and trustworthy individual who can support students where they need it and become the voice between students and staff. Whilst in this position, I hope to encourage students to get involved in school activities and embrace all the opportunities that are offered to them. I truly hope that like me the students at Ashton make the most of their years here.

Ashton has helped shape me into the individual I am today, and I am honoured to be in this role. I will embrace all the opportunities that come with this whilst ensuring that I make both the Ashton students and teachers proud.


My name is Millie, and I am one of Ashton’s newly appointed Deputy Head Girls.

I applied for this position as I wanted to help make a positive impact on our school and help students have a voice. I am eager to help make a change and contribute to the school community.

Through my time at Ashton, I have gotten to see what the PROUD ethos truly represents and become a part of the Ashton family. My year 7 self would never have believed how much I have developed as a person and would be proud of where I am now.

I hope that I can use what I have learned through my time at Ashton to improve our school community, encourage others to have a voice, make them feel comfortable and safe, whilst representing the school well. I will also strive to embody the PROUD ethos, encouraging others to do so as well and give students a voice to bridge the gap between staff and students. I will be the friendly face who can be trusted and easily approached by all.

I am honoured to be given this role and will ensure I make the Ashton Community proud through my actions and ethic. 


My name is Imogen, and I am one of Ashton’s Deputy Head Girls. I applied for this role because I know that I can make a positive difference to our school and our school family. I hope to achieve this by giving every student a voice.

Throughout my time at Ashton, I have been dedicated to the school and always been welcoming and friendly. I have a good relationship with staff and students which has helped me to reach where I am today.

I am going ensure I uphold the PROUD ethos and reflect this in everything I do. I will make sure that every student at Ashton sees Ashton Community Science College as a school to be proud of.

We feel that being a student leader, at ACSC, is not only a fantastic opportunity to develop personal and employability skills but also allows our students to give something back to peers and bring about positive changes to our school life. We strive to ensure our students are as ready as possible for life after ACSC and we believe that applying for positions and job roles is an essential skill to have. This is why we now ensure all our students apply electronically via a regularly updated student vacancy page, which outlines both the job role and description. Students then receive personal feedback on their application from our careers adviser to ensure that their application can be improved in future.

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