Meet our Head Boy and Girl


Hi, my name is Callum and I applied for the position of Head Boy because I wanted to make a positive contribution to a school I have grown to love. My many duties at school over my first four years, not only introduced me to both staff and students, but also gave me an insight into the needs of the pupils. Knowing the quality of my fellow applicants, the moment I was told I was successful, was the proudest moment of my life so far.  It has already been a wonderful experience, and one that I will never forget. When I started in year 7, I could never imagine that I would be confident enough to speak publicly in front of so many people. Over the coming months I hope to represent the school in a manner that makes all at Ashton PROUD and I will endeavour to encourage all students to make the most of their years in school. I will strive to be a strong link between staff and students.


Hi, my name is Niamh and I put myself forward to be Head Girl as I wanted to make a positive impact within our school. My year 7 self would be astounded if she saw the success, I have made of myself and the position I am now in. As Head Girl I want to act as a bridge between the students and staff at our school, taking in the student's comments and suggestions to making our school a safe, educational and enjoyable place for all. I have so many positive memories here over the years and I am so grateful to be Head Girl. I want to act as a role model to my peers and demonstrate to them how to act toward others, but also encourage them to strive here at Ashton. I am so honoured to be in this rewarding position and I cannot wait to implement change and improve the school for all members of our Ashton school family. 

We feel that being a student leader, at ACSC, is not only a fantastic opportunity to develop personal and employability skills but also allows our students to give something back to peers and bring about positive changes to our school life. We strive to ensure our students are as ready as possible for life after ACSC and we believe that applying for positions and job roles is an essential skill to have. This is why we now ensure all our students apply electronically via a regularly updated student vacancy page, which outlines both the job role and description. Students then receive personal feedback on their application from our careers adviser to ensure that their application can be improved in future.

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