Our Vision

At Ashton we have many shared beliefs and values which reflect our school culture. We are resolute in wanting the best for each and every child. We have high standards and high expectations for all, from all, underpinned by a no-excuses mindset.  

Our aim is to create a supportive and challenging environment in which every individual can aspire, enjoy and achieve. We want to raise standards by inspiring our learners. Staff work hard to inspire our learners by the example they set; their passion for their subject and their commitment to the school. To support this, we offer high quality professional development and rigorous appraisal linked to performance.

Our ethos is built around PROUD and is one that sees the school as a family, where all members have a part to play in making that family successful. Our strapline is that we are a “School to be proud of” and we insist that all members of the school make a personal commitment to this. We want our students to be happy at school, to enjoy their learning experiences and grow in confidence and independence. We can only achieve this by working closely together with parents, carers and families, with the interests of the child placed at the heart of all that we do.

Our Values

We believe that our school should develop students who understand their responsibilities as members of the school, local and wider communities and who should expect and want to make a positive contribution to those communities. We are “A school to be proud of” and the acronym that is PROUD provides a moral compass for our students and our staff.

To help this we have developed the following guiding principles to achieve our vision:

Core values

At Ashton Community Science College, we will have six core values which support everything we do and stand for: