As a school we pride ourselves on ensuring that when our students leave, they are well rounded individuals ready to work and participate in modern Britain.

When our students arrive in yr 7 we instil into them the importance of playing an active part and belonging to our school family. This sense of belonging to our school family does not end once students have completed their GSCE exams, we promote to all our student leavers that they should join our Ashton Alumni.

Our Alumni grows each year and allows for our school to keep in contact with our students and watch them as they grow as individuals and continue to do us proud, in an array of different career pathways, both locally and overseas.

We currently ask our school leavers to join our social media Alumni page, which has can be found on Facebook.

We feel is it beneficial to promote our Alumni to our current students to show them that these now adults, doing amazing jobs across the world, sat in the very same seats and hall before leaving. We have an Alumni display board at the top of our main staircase in school, to assist in raising aspirations and showcasing to our students that anything is possible.

We have regular opportunities for our Alumni to speak to our students about their experiences both from when they were a student and their life now. These opportunities, which often take the form of assemblies or celebration evenings, are a platform we think allows our student to think about their own future and aspirations.