Literacy is key to learning and a strong predictor of outcomes in later life. Students who cannot read, write and communicate effectively are highly unlikely to access the challenging academic curriculum in secondary school. 

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The Edge

The Bombs that brought us together

Curious Incident of the Dog in Night Garden

Noughts and Crosses

Disciplinary Literacy is at the heart of everything we do at Ashton. There is a growing need to recognise that students need to access academic language and conventions in all subjects. Each subject has its own unique language, ways of knowing, doing, and communicating. Students need to explore for instance how a scientist reads or what the language of Maths is. 

Every department recognises their role in developing students’ reading, writing, vocabulary, SPaG and oracy through their teaching. At Ashton, literacy is not solely the preserve of the English department. Click on a leaf below to see the exciting work we are doing at Ashton to develop these 5 strands.


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To view our Disciplinary Literacy Strategy please click here.