Here at Ashton we have a number of children on our SEND register. Some of those have an Education, Health and Care (EHC) Plan and the rest are at SEN support level which means they do not have any additional funding but will have something additional to or different from the rest of their peers. This might be some additional support in lessons or an intervention.

Entry criteria

Entry to the SEND register is automatic if someone has an EHC plan. Those who were on the register at Primary school will continue to remain on the register for a minimum of a term when progress will be reviewed.

For others, entry to the register will be based on identification of need and the subsequent support required. If school feel that a student needs to be on the SEND register this will be done following discussion and consent from parents.

Support is reviewed termly with parents and students. Should the evidence suggest that the student has made progress then a discussion will be held with parents about removing them from the register.


Students on the SEND register follow the same broad and balanced curriculum as the rest of their peers. The aim is to support them in accessing a full set of lessons. The students may have additional interventions as part of their support package. The intervention grid on the main learning support page details the possible interventions available in school.


If you wish to know more about support in the main school, please contact:

Mrs Cheryl Parker



01772 513002

Links for Families

The links below give information on services in the area for children with SEND and helpful advice for parents: