The Learning Support Department is based in the building named The Hive. The Hive is open from 8am in the morning should students with SEN wish to use it as a base. Staff are on hand from 8am should they need any support to help them to start their day in an organised and content manner. The Hive is also open to SEN students at break time and lunchtime where they can catch up with homework or play board games to improve their social skills.

The Hive is also the base of our SERF; Two classrooms within the Hive are dedicated to the Deaf Support Department. Please see the additional link for more information about the DSD.  The EAL department is also part of the Learning Support Faculty and has a dedicated classroom within the Hive.

Students with Special Educational Needs (SEN) are initially identified through liaison with primary schools and parents on the Year 6 evening. If as a parent you have any concerns of about your child’s educational needs please contact the school.

All Year 7 students are tested for their reading age and where they are below age expectation they will be withdrawn from mainstream lessons for a few lessons to take part in the Reading Recovery Programme. If the student has been identified as having dyslexia then they will complete IDL sessions which is an on line Dyslexia Intervention programme.

We also have a stock of resources in the Hive which SEN students can borrow should they want to. These range from electronic notebooks to coloured overlays to electronic reader pens. If appropriate outside agencies are invited in to advise staff how best to communicate with the student.

Please see our Local Offer for more information.