Why learn History?

The study of History will help our pupils understanding of their local area, their country and the wider world.  It will give them a wider understanding of the world they live in and help them answer difficult questions such as:

  • Why do wars happen? 
  • Why is Britain a democracy?
  • How did Britain become a major power?
  • What do we mean by left and right wing in politics?
  • Why do we have a welfare system?  
  • How have we come to live in a multi-cultural society?

History will also teach our pupils a range of important skills that will help them in their future studies and careers.  These skills include:

  • Excellent communication and writing skills 
  • How to construct an argument 
  • Research skills 
  • Investigation and problem-solving skills 
  • Analytical and interpretation skills

Finally studying History can lead on to exciting job opportunities in the future in careers such as:

  • Journalism 
  • Law
  • Business 
  • Politics 
  • Archaeology 
  • Marketing 
  • Teaching

History Documents

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