Why learn French?

In today’s world it is becoming increasingly important to speak a different language and being able to do so has many benefits:

  • Open up a world of job opportunities: The world is changing fast and there are a growing number of careers which require people to be able to communicate with people in other countries. There are many courses at university which promote the study of a foreign language alongside another subject. 
  • Broaden your horizons: Have you thought about living and working in a different country?
  • Develop your employability skills: Key employability skills such as listening, presenting, creativity, problem solving, aiming high, staying positive, teamwork and leadership are all enhanced through the study of a foreign language.
  • A stepping stone to other languages: Learning French will give you an insight into how to learn a language. It will then be easier to learn a second language…or even a third!
  • Communicate with other people in their own language: This will give you a different perspective next time you go on holiday. International travel is so much easier when you can speak a different language.
  • Keep your brain healthy: research has shown that learning a language can help improve your memory and increase your attention span.
  • Understanding and appreciating different cultures: Learning a language promotes a deeper understanding of other cultures as well as your own and helps to promote positive attitudes.

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