The Internet has become an integral part of children's lives, enabling them to undertake research for school projects, talk to their friends and access information from around the world. Increasing provision of the Internet in and out of school brings with it the need to ensure that learners are safe.

Guide for pupils


Lots of advice and resources to aid your understanding of eSafety. Within the site you will also find a section to report any incidents that happen online directly to CEOP.



A resource that provides lots of current advice for teenagers, parents and educators. Pupils can post questions and discuss the latest Online Safety issues.

Guide for Parents

Internet matters

Learn about it. Talk about it. Deal with it.

Here are some useful resources to help you do just that and make informed choices about your children’s online safety. You’ll find links to more relevant resources throughout the site.


Childnet International

A Comprehensive range of support materials from Childnet. The Parents and Carers section is particularly useful and contains lots of advice on what you need to know.