The school has adopted and implemented the LEA’s Code of Practice on the Admission and Transfer of Students, the information below is taken from the school's Admissions Policy, the full document can be found here.


All applications from Lancashire residents must be made on Lancashire’s in year application form. This includes an information sheet for parents about the process and related protocols (eg Fair Access and First Day of Term Protocols).   

Application forms will be available via all Lancashire schools and at Area Pupil Access Teams (in Area Education Offices), the Customer Services Centre and Libraries. In addition parents will be able to apply verbally (telephone or face to face or electronically) at these locations. 

All applications must be returned to the relevant Area Pupil Access Team (there is a dedicated e-mail address in each area – see application form for details).

An essential element of the scheme is that all parents must apply on Lancashire’s common in year application form and all applicants will receive a single school offer. The completion of Lancashire’s in year application is the only legal means of applying for a school place for new to area families and those requesting a school transfer.

A pupil does not become a resident within a Local Authority area until they actually live there. Lancashire will however accept in year applications from parents who are intending to move into the area when they can provide evidence of an exchange of contracts on a property or a dated rental / lease agreement. Temporary addresses may however not always be accepted for school admission purposes – this will be determined by individual admission authorities and / or independent admission appeal panels (who will take advice from the independent clerk to the panel).


The Local Authority will aim to issue an offer within 10 school days of receipt of each in year application (subject in some cases to the relevant background information being available and also subject in some cases to accuracy checks).

All parents will be entitled to express up to 3 school preferences.

All school preferences expressed by parents will be considered equally. In year applications which are received outside of the normal school admissions round will be considered without delay as they are received (Code – paragraph 3.2).

Where there are more applications than available places at a preferred school then the school’s published admission criteria will be used by the relevant admission authority to determine which applicant has priority (the Local Authority for community and voluntary controlled school and individual Governing Bodies for voluntary aided and foundation schools and academies).

The in year admission criteria (priority for admission) for community and voluntary controlled schools will be as stated within Lancashire’s admission booklets for parents (the booklet used in relation to annual reception or year 7 intakes).

Where there are more applications than available places at a voluntary aided or foundation school or academy then these will be referred to the school for the Governing Body to determine the order of priority within the school’s published admission arrangements. Any supporting papers will also be forwarded with individual applications. At this stage parents should be given the option of completing the school’s supplementary application form (SIF) if they wish to do so. In year applications for voluntary aided and foundation schools must however be considered based upon the information provided by parents even if they decide not to complete a supplementary information form.

Schools and neighbouring authorities are requested to respond to the Area Pupil Access Team within 5 school days of receipt of any in year application which is referred for their consideration.

Decisions to refuse admissions cannot be made by a single individual (Code – paragraph 1.36) and Governors must adhere to this requirement where they are undertaking an exercise to prioritise in year admission applications.

Lancashire will liaise with neighbouring local authorities where parents have expressed a preference for a school or schools outside of Lancashire. Applications and any supporting information will be forwarded to neighbouring authorities as necessary. Lancashire will however make all offers (even for schools situated in other authorities) for all Lancashire residents.

Where more than one of a parent’s preferred schools can be offered then the priority order on the parent’s in year application will determine the single school offer which will be made (this will be for the school prioritised highest by the parent where there is an available place in the relevant year group).

The priority order as stated by parents must therefore only be used as a tie break and not as part of the initial allocation process.

Area Pupil Access Teams will as part of the consideration of in year applications:-

  • Refer applications for voluntary aided and foundation schools and academies to the Governing Body for prioritisation within the school’s determined admission arrangements (where this is necessary)
  • Determine which will fall under the agreed Fair Access protocols for that locality (these applicants may be admitted to a school which is already full in the required year group).
  • Refer any applications for pupils with full statements for special educational needs to the Area SEN Team who will deal with the admission request. This is a separate process from the in year admissions scheme.
  • Refer any in year applications for children in care (CLA) for school year groups which are full to a senior member of staff for consideration of discretionary admission.
  • Inform all parents, and relevant schools and neighbouring authorities of allocated places.
  • Issue appeals forms and information
  • Provide supplementary information forms for voluntary aided and foundation schools to parents if these are requested (also available from individual schools).

Parents will automatically be given an admission appeal form and appeal information where none of their preferred schools can be offered.

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