Why learn English?

English is one of the most important subjects you will study in your time at Ashton CSC and will equip you for a successful future, no matter which career path you choose. English will:

  • Ensure you are successfully able to read a variety of texts for meaning and for pleasure.
  • Enable you to access a range of challenging reading material inside and outside of the workplace.
  • Equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to ensure you are confident and articulate communicators, both in the written and spoken word.
  • Allow you to understand how to use tone, volume, intonation and language, and adapt these for different purposes.
  • Provide you with the opportunities to be creative thinkers who can form justified opinions of texts and the world around you.
  • Nurture a love of literature that builds an understanding of the human condition.
  • Build on your understanding of stories through time and our rich and diverse language.
  • Develop your appreciation of tolerance, understanding and respect for yourself and others.

English Documents

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