Form time is a corner stone of our school day at ACSC. Each year group has a bespoke schedule that allows students to build strong relationships with their peers and form tutor, whilst discussing and improving their own personal wellbeing and attributes.

Form time is currently divided into different form time themes; these themes are fundamental to student personal development and they include: assemblies, current affairs, careers and literacy/reading.

A weekly assembly provides the opportunity to join as a full year group. Each assembly is carried out by a member of staff. An assembly provides the platform to issue important updates and news, and also allows staff to deliver themed assemblies on various important topics, such as: remembrance, anti-bullying and internet safety. 

We feel it is important that our students are recognising the world in which they live and are keeping up to date with current affairs. The current affairs theme allows students to learn about events happening around them in the local and national news and also offers an opportunity to discuss some relevant engaging topics. 

Students learning about the importance of employability skills, and possible career pathways, is again something we feel passionate about. Students who develop transferable employability skills in school can then use these when transitioning to their next step of their future, either into further education, or the world of work. We are firm advocates of empowering our students from the moment they arrive by instilling the importance of employability skills no matter what career or pathway they wish to take. 

Ensuring our students are improving their literacy skills and vocabulary is imperative. Through weekly form lessons, our students are able to improve their literacy and vocabulary, therefore, recalling this knowledge within their academic lessons across the curriculum. We also have dedicated reading form time slots to show the importance of reading for both academic success and reading for pleasure.

Assemblies are a fundamental aspect of our school life.

Every year group has a weekly assembly, presented by either a member of school staff or an external speaker, on a specific topic related to the needs of our students and their personal development. Assemblies also provide an opportunity for entire year groups to come together, with their form tutors and pastoral leaders to share in the experience.

We feel it is important to focus our assemblies on a variety of topics that range from current affairs, key events and dates in the calendar, school events and celebrations. We also feel that there is an importance in ensuring our students are delivered assemblies by different members of staff each week, to ensure engagement is maintained and assisting in building a rapport with those staff members that they may not be taught by.

Form Time & Assembly Documents