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Building On Our School Time

Core values

At Ashton Community Science College, we have six core values which support everything we do and stand for:

  • Aspiration
  • Success
  • Honesty
  • Tenacity
  • Outstanding
  • No excuses

In line with these values, the experience for our students extends beyond the timetabled curriculum, reflecting our aspiration to offer a broad and enriching environment. Our extra-curricular activities are all designed to offer students the chance to expand their skills and experience beyond the classroom where we are passionate about offering the opportunity to build on their school time. As part of this, our BOOST Clubs programme (building on our school time) takes place both within the school day through our range of clubs, societies, and groups, as well as at the end of the day.

Explore our range of clubs below, or click the following links for our seasonal BOOST Calendars:


Seasonal Crafts Club
Origami Club
Art Club
Hamma Beads Club
GCSE Art Club
School Performance Show Team
Drama Club
Guitar Club
Keyboard Club
Basketball Club
Football Club
Boxing Club
Netball Club
Badminton Club
Fitness and Wellbeing Club
Rugby Club
Golf Club
Darts Club
Dodgeball Club
Running Club
Duke of Edinburgh Award
Meet Brownie, Fudge, Shaza, Elsa, Cinnamon and Honey - our very own Chickens. Experience a favourite pastime by learning how to care and nurture animals.
GCSE Astronomy Club
Up and Atom Science Club
Rocket Car Challenge Club
Debating Club
French Club
Maths Homework Drop-In Club
Homework Club
History Club
GCSE Statistics Club
Photography Club
Board Games Club
Busy Bees Club
Chess Club
Crochet and Knitting Club
Marvel Cinematic Universe Club
Mindfulness Club
Dungeons and Dragons Club
Ashton Cafe Club
With our very own bee hives, students have the unique opportunity to learn about the activity of hives and the process of bee-keeping. Producing our own award-winning honey allows students the opportunity to explore the life-cycle of these vital creatures.
Seasonal Gardening Club
Quad Squad Club
Learn to build a camp-fire for cookery, embrace the outdoors for silent reading, or develop team-building skills in this outdoor space of agriculture, wildlife and silent contemplation
Skittles Club LGBTQ+ Allies
BSL: Sign Language Club
EAL (English as an additional language) Club
Retro Games Club
Yu-Gi-Oh! Club
Rubik's Cube Club
Rocket Car Challenge Club