The library at Ashton Community Science College re-opened its doors in September 2018, with the purpose of providing a quiet, resourceful centre for all students to enhance their education, develop a love of reading, and to complete their homework.

The library plays a central and full role – both academically and socially – in the life of the school by supporting learning and teaching.

Mr Martin (the Librarian) is on hand to engage with users, answer queries, support staff and students and locate innovative resources to meet a range of learning needs. 

Mr Martin is assisted by a number of students from all year groups. These pupils help out during lunchtimes, and assist with the day to day running of the library, such as shelving, tidying, creating displays etc.

In the time the library has been re-opened it has become a thriving centre of academic endeavour for all students at Ashton. The shelves are full of a wide variety of books suitable for students of all ages, interests and abilities.

Opening times
8am - 8.40am, 12.55pm - 1.35pm, 3pm - 4.15pm