What did our Year 7 pupils think of World Book Day 2022?

This was my first World Book Day at Ashton CSC and what a first World Book Day it was! I saw all my classmates' wonderful outfits and watched the very creative teachers waltz onto the courts. Some teachers had come in coordinated outfits, some had done their own thing (and very well indeed) and some even had the same outfit as me!


Along with the outstanding outfits, every lesson began with a fun yet difficult game: The Masked Reader! A teacher would read us a short story and we would guess who was behind the mask. During period 5, we had an extraordinary quiz, filled with amazing questions all about literature.


In conclusion, World Book Day was an absolute dream of a day and I want to thank the staff for providing it.

Isobel G Y7

As I made my way through the school gates, there was no mistaking it was World Book Day. Pupils had interesting costumes on that were all unique to the books they chose. As the teachers arrived, in their fantastic costumes, I knew it was going to be a great day. Each lesson brought us another instalment of The Masked Reader. Our final lesson of the day included a quickfire quiz to test our knowledge on famous novels and authors.


To conclude, I really enjoyed Ashton's World Book Day. Thank you for planning this day!

Josh M Y7

World Book Day 2022