25 January 2023

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Brightside 1-1 mentoring begins!

This week year 10 and 11 students have had their Brightside inductions to begin their online business mentoring programmes. These students expressed interest in having a digital business mentor from the Health and Social Care sector or from an apprenticeship expert. The inductions that took place involved students learning more about what a mentor is, how to make the most of their mentoring relationship and included them then completing a questionnaire. This questionnaire helped students to be matched to the most suitable mentor for them. Students have now sent their first messages to their mentors; introducing themselves, discussing their aspirations and goals and asking initial questions that they have wanted to ask. They now have 8 weeks to message their mentors whenever they have any questions or require any help or support with their future!

More opportunities available!

We now currently have mentors available in STEM and Sport Careers, alongside mentors who are university experts!

Year 10 and 11, if you are interested in having your own digital mentor in one of these areas, please visit Christiana in her office or message her on MS teams!

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